Wallace has the 'Call of Duty' off the court

Brooklyn Nets starting small forward Gerald Wallace returned to action Sunday night against the Kings, after missing six straight games with a sprained left ankle.

But his hands and fingers were working just fine since last Tuesday to play Call of Duty's just-released title "Black Ops II." For years, Wallace has been a die-hard fan of the COD video game franchise, and he sometimes plays through the night at his home in Fort Lee, N.J.

Wallace spoke about his biggest off-the-court passion with ESPNNewYork.com last Wednesday night at a TopSpin charity event in New York City.

Your teammate, Deron Williams, says all you do is play Call of Duty.

That’s all I do. I’m waiting to get home now to play it.

How many hours do you play in a day?

It depends how much time I’m home. Whenever I'm at home, I’m playing. I usually play until like 3, 4 o’clock in the morning.

Does your coach, Avery Johnson, know that?

All I do is sleep anyway, so they know if I’m not playing the games, I’m getting my rest.

What made you a fan of the game?

I happened to pick it up in the store a couple years back, and I got online with a couple of my friends, and we’ve been playing ever since.

Do you play online?

Yeah. That’s all we do. I have my own clan.

With guys around the league?

Most are them are family and friends back home.

Who on the Nets plays?

Deron, Hump [Kris Humphries], MarShon [Brooks], Keith [Bogans], Tyshawn [Taylor]. Guys are starting to get into it. Deron is pretty good. I haven’t seen the rest of the guys play.

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