Brooklyn by the numbers

The Nets enter Thanksgiving with a 6-4 record. Let’s take a look at the numbers so far -- some good, some bad.

55.7: Brook Lopez’s field goal percentage. The 24-year-old center has been efficient offensively, and is currently averaging 18.7 points per game; arguably the team’s best player so far.

36.4: Joe Johnson’s field goal percentage. Is it time to worry yet? Johnson’s last four games: 6-for-19, 1-for-10, 6-for-16, 5-for-13. Yes, it’s early. Yes, he’s still getting acclimated to a new system. At the same time, the Nets have $19.75 million invested in Johnson this season; $89.3 million over the next four years. Both Johnson’s -- Joe and Avery -- are convinced Joe is going to turn things around. The fans are waiting. But their patience is wearing thin.

27.5: The Nets rank third in the NBA in second-quarter scoring. Thanks, Bench Mob.

19.3: The Nets rank last in the NBA in third-quarter scoring. Hard to figure out why, but the mystery needs to be solved -- and fast.

32.3: The Nets’ 3-point field goal percentage. Perhaps they shouldn’t be hoisting so much.

93.7: The Nets rank eighth in the NBA in opponents’ points per game. Yes, they’ve been playing a lot of inferior competition, but this still makes Avery Johnson very happy.

100: The Nets are 4-0 when reaching the 100-point mark.

5: The number of games the Nets recently won in a row, their longest win streak since March 4-14, 2011.

3: The number of games Gerald Wallace has played because of a left ankle injury. The Nets are clearly a better team with their versatile defensive anchor in the lineup. Anyone who watched the impact Wallace made in the Lakers game could tell you that.