D-Will: I'm not having an All-Star season

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams is a three-time All-Star.

But he doesn't think he has done enough this season to merit a fourth selection.

"I just think there's people playing better than me," he said Tuesday.

Interim coach P.J. Carlesimo disagreed.

“I consider Deron an All-Star. ... I think he’s playing very well,” Carlesimo said.

Carlesimo then joked: “I’ve said this 15 times: Deron gets asked too many questions, and consequently gives too many answers. I just think that you guys should give Deron a month off and not do interviews. Then he’ll be fresh and he’ll have better answers.

“He’s like a coach, really. You get the same silly answers from coaches because you ask the same questions in the morning, in the afternoon and after the game. Deron’s the same way. He gets asked more questions and has to answer more, so he’s gotta work on his answers. I don’t like his answers a lot.”

The All-Star starters will be announced Thursday night on TNT.

Williams, 28, is averaging 16.8 points, 7.7 assists and 3.2 rebounds a game. He's shooting just 40.9 percent from the field and 32.8 percent from 3-point range.

Williams has been plagued by minor injuries and fatigue, while also struggling with his confidence. "I haven't taken a break since before I went to Istanbul [in 2011, during the lockout]," he reiterated.

He also wasn't a fan of Avery Johnson's offensive system. Williams has been a different player since Carlesimo took over.

During Brooklyn's six-game winning streak, Williams has looked like an All-Star, averaging 19.5 points, 8.3 assists and 4.0 rebounds, while shooting 46.8 percent from the field and 48.3 percent from 3-point range.

Fan voting for the All-Star starters ended Monday. As of the latest returns at the beginning of January, Williams trailed Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo by more than 325,000 votes in the race to start alongside Dwyane Wade in the East backcourt.

Coaches vote for the reserves. Based on statistics, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving (23 points per game) and Philadelphia 76ers point guard Jrue Holiday (18.8 ppg) are having better seasons than Williams. But given that there aren't that many All-Star-worthy backcourt players in the East, Williams might somehow find his way onto the team.

Nets center Brook Lopez has a strong case for being selected as a reserve. Lopez, the only player in the NBA averaging at least 18 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks per game, has never been an All-Star.