P.J. wants to pair up Lopez, Blatche

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Brooklyn Nets interim coach P.J. Carlesimo intends to tighten his team's rotation, but wouldn't divulge exactly how he's going to do so.

One thing Carlesimo does want to try to do is play centers Brook Lopez and Andray Blatche together more.

"It's something that I'd like to look at more, but there's more teaching. ... It'll probably fall on Dray at the 4 spot," Carlesimo said of Blatche playing power forward alongside Lopez. "The 4 spot is not that different. It's not different than the 5 spot in a lot of the things we do. In some things we do it is different, like out of bounds [situations].

"There's going to be situations that are going to come up that are put Dray in a little bit of a box because he's not used to playing 4 [for Brooklyn]. So we have to spend some time making sure he knows some or most of those [situations]. ... It's something we definitely want to look into."

Said Blatche: "It spreads the floor more so people have the opportunity to penetrate. Brook is a great player. I love playing with him. Even today in practice, it's tough to defend -- so many weapons, so many options. And it definitely gives us length. I played 4 my whole career, so it's not an adjustment I have to make."

With power forwards Reggie Evans and Kris Humphries struggling, Carlesimo also wants to get more of a look at Mirza Teletovic.

"It's the big against the small. When you play a stretch 4 or a small 4, it opens the floor a lot more," Carlesimo said. "Chicago's a better example. The difference with Chicago when Luol [Deng] is at 4 versus Carlos [Boozer] or Taj [Gibson], they're both excellent 4s. They both can shoot the ball, but ... it's totally different when it's Luol. It opens the floor a lot more and it really causes you a problem because his skill set is so different than your average 4.

"So it's just something that we actually thought we were going to do a lot more with Gerald [Wallace] than we have, and now with wanting to look at Mirza, it's something that will give us more of a chance to look at it."

In his past eight games, Evans is shooting 10.5 percent (2-for-19). He hasn't scored since Feb. 24 (three games). According to statistics obtained on NBA.com, Evans is blocked on 22 percent of his shots and is shooting 49.6 percent at the rim, according to basketball-reference.com.

Humphries has scored only four points in his past five games (2-for-6). Some have made the joke that when Evans or Humphries is in the game, the Nets are playing 5-on-4 offensively.

Teletovic is coming off a nine-point effort over 10 minutes of action in Chicago.

"I'm pretty sure that I can help this team out a lot. And I will try to do it," he said. "I think that most of the guys have played a lot this season, and as they use their energy up, sometimes they need somebody fresh to come in and have lots of energy. And I can do it."

As far as rotation numbers are concerned, Carlesimo said, "I think it's always going to be 10. To me, the debate is whether you go nine or 10. I think we're always going to be 10."