Jay-Z may give up Nets stake for Roc Nation

Jay-Z failed to land LeBron James in the summer of 2010, but the Brooklyn Nets minority owner did land Robinson Cano.

On Tuesday, the Yankees second baseman left long-time agent Scott Boras for Jay-Z’s new Roc Nation entertainment company.

Sources told ESPN.com that Jay-Z is planning to become an agent himself, first in baseball and eventually in basketball and football. In order to represent clients in basketball, he would have to give up his small share of the Nets.

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• Over the weekend, Jerry Stackhouse told FOX Sports he’s likely to retire after the season to take on an increased role in the NBA Player’s Union.

“It’s not completely sold that I don’t get the bug to play again,” Stackhouse said. “But, really, I think this is an opportune time to kind of step to the forefront to do something with the union and try to make sure we select the right executive director.”

“I want to be a guy that will be able to deliver the information that we deal with on a day-to-day basis with our union and get the message back out to the players and get their feedback,” said Stackhouse, who currently serves as the NBAPA’s first vice president, right behind president Derek Fisher.

“I’ve played in all these eras, been through all these lockouts 1998-99 and last season. I’ve seen them all. The search is on for an executive director. We’re going to find that right person to help build a union that our body can really be proud of.”