Roddy sees a richer/harder future for Cruz

Roddy White knows what it is like to have a breakout season as a wide receiver.

White went from 30 receptions and 506 yards in 2006 to 83 receptions for 1,202 yards the following season.

So when he sees what Victor Cruz has done this season, he's impressed but also knows what next season could be like for the Giants budding star receiver. Cruz will be in line for a nice pay day but also see a lot more attention from defenses that will game plan to stop Cruz.

"Next year, he may be in for a rude awakening," White said according to the Newark Star-Ledger.

White said he is a fan of Cruz, who had 82 receptions for 1,536 yards and nine touchdowns. He finished third in the NFL in receiving yards behind Detroit’s Calvin Johnson and New England’s Wes Welker.

Cruz also averaged 18.7 yards per catch, the highest among the 72 players who had at least 50 catches this season. That is the highest any receiver has averaged on at least 82 catches since St. Louis’ Torry Holt in 2000 according to the Giants.

"Any time you put out those kinds of numbers, he’s going to be in for a really good pay day, but he deserves it," White told the Star-Ledger. "Any guy that goes out there and puts up 1,500 yards, that’s remarkable. That’s one of the nicest seasons you can have so I think the Giants should pay him."

"I’m a Victor Cruz fan," he added. "I think they should pay him."

Cruz, an undrafted free agent in his second year, has one year left on his contract that will take him through the 2012 season. He was asked with his sudden stardom if he is afraid to pinch himself in the mornings and wake up from this dream season.

"I kind of do it every morning when I am brushing my teeth, I am looking at myself and I am, 'like, man, you play for the Giants and you are about to go drive around the corner to go to practice.' It's crazy."

As for Cruz's salsa touchdown celebration, White said, "I’ve seen it a couple times, it’s pretty nice, a pretty nice dance. It’s elegant, very nice."