Cruz ready to test Pats secondary

INDIANAPOLIS -- If Bill Belichick tries to throw Julian Edelman at Victor Cruz in the slot, the Giants are ready to test the Patriots there.

"I see he's very raw at that position," Cruz said. "Obviously because it's not his dominant position. But he's quick, he's fast and he carries over a lot of the receiver stuff over. So we'll see how it goes. Obviously, it's going to be a position and an area that we'll test out really early and see how it goes and how the game flows."

Cruz said he sees some vulnerable areas in the Patriots' defense.

"A little bit," he said. "Mainly because of the whirlwind that [New England] has had at that position and just having guys in and out of there. We understand that's a position and spot that we can capitalize on but we just have to take it play by play."

Mario Manningham didn't want to say too much about Edelman, the wideout turned corner.

But when asked about Edelman's ability to cover in the slot, Manningham said, "we'll see on Sunday."

"I don't really want to say anything more about him," Manningham said. "Do you think he can?"