Into the Cruz, Madonna is all about salsa

INDIANAPOLIS -- Madonna won't reveal what she'll have in store for the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show, but she did close her news conference on Thursday by showing off some of her moves.

Her Victor Cruz-inspired moves.

Forget about "Vogue," the Queen of Pop actually did her own version of Cruz's salsa touchdown celebration dance, showing off her "True Blue" colors.

When asked by ESPN Deportes' Marly Rivera about Cruz's touchdown dance and if she wanted to critique it, Madonna said she's a fan and that Cruz inspires her.

"I have absolutely no criticism. In fact, he's inspired me," Madonna said. "I have been practicing my salsa moves and I am going to show them to you and you tell me what you think of them, OK?"

And with that, Madonna got Into the Cruz and did her salsa.

"Do you think he'd approve?" she asked after she was done swaying and stepping.

Certainly Cruz, who has turned down an invitation to be a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," would have given her a 10.

Giants public relations VP Pat Hanlon tweeted that he told Cruz about Madonna doing the salsa in his honor.

Hanlon tweeted, "Cruz smiled, stepped back and said, 'Get out of here!'"

Cruz has blown up. It is one thing to have LeBron James tweet about you destroying Rex Ryan's defense. But now Madonna is doing Cruz's touchdown dance at her Super Bowl XLVI halftime show news conference for the world to see?

Cruz has gone from little Paterson, N.J., all the way to "La Isla Bonita."