Pope: Bennett's weight up to 291

The Giants are excited about what their tight ends guru Mike Pope will be able to do with Martellus Bennett and Adrien Robinson.

But Pope has not been able to get his hands on Bennett and Robinson as much as he would like to.

Bennett has been sidelined by a hamstring injury. Pope said part of the problem has been Bennett’s increase in weight to 291 pounds. Bennett is listed at 6-foot-6, 265 pounds.

“Other than the hamstring injury, he is making progress,” Pope said of Bennett, who is also making the transition to a new team and offense. “He catches on. He weighed in at 291 pounds last week. So I think that is probably a little too big for his legs to carry. We run a lot more than he might have been accustomed to.”

“Plus we are in the middle of a weight program and the combination of those two things has caused him, especially, to have some problems with his hamstrings,” Pope added. “He can’t afford to miss time, either. Because he needs every possible rep he can take.”

The same applies to Robinson, the fourth-round pick out of Cincinnati. Jerry Reese famously labeled Robinson as the “JPP” of tight ends due to his raw athletic ability.

But Robinson has missed valuable OTA training while he finishes up school. Pope said Robinson will be finished with classes and free to join the Giants on June 8. The Giants have a veterans mini-camp on June 12-14.

“To be honest, I don’t know enough about him yet,” Pope said. “Because I didn’t scout him and evaluate him as he was a player in college except on video tape. But I do think he is very, very talented. He is raw. Talent-wise, I think that we are right on with him.”

Pope said he has been talking to Adrien Robinson daily, however.

“I wish he was here now, because this is valuable time that he is missing,” Pope added. “And these are almost irreplaceable. Jake Ballard went through the same thing when he first arrived here because Ohio State is on this same graduation system. And so he was set back. So we do have some prior experience with this –- how difficult it is even for very young guys to come forward and to catch up with missing all of these practices.”