Tuck not worried about the Jets

WASHINGTON -- Not long after Justin Tuck gave President Barack Obama a blue Giants No. 44 jersey, the defensive end was asked if he had a message for Rex Ryan and the Jets.

Remember, Ryan famously said he and the Jets would visit Obama when he took over the Jets.

"I'm sure he has visited him somewhere," Tuck said. "I don't know if he's come here."

Tuck was also asked if he takes satisfaction in being at the White House as champs while the Jets are at home.

"We don't worry about the Jets," Tuck said. "We really don't. I know that's become a heated rivalry and a topic of conversation, but the Jets are going to do their thing and we're going to do our thing. I'm not in their locker room and they're not in ours."

"I really don't care what they say and what they do," he added. "I wish them all the luck in the world. I hope they make it to the Super Bowl every year and lose to us. I don't wish anything bad on the Jets but I don't get concerned with what comes out of Jets camp."