Mara noncommittal on Albany camp

ALBANY, N.Y. -- John Mara was asked about the future of the Giants training camp after the contract with SUNY Albany expires this year. The Giants owner wasn’t willing to indicate the team's intentions as he walked to a campus cafeteria.

“It’s nice the be wanted, but we’ll make that decision in the fall,” Mara said.

Earlier, Albany mayor Gerald Jennings had reiterated that he wants to keep the Giants in the city for as long as he can. He made his pitch to reporters on campus.

"They seem to enjoy it up here,” Jennings said. “The fan base has been great and as far as I am concerned I would love to keep them here."

The team had over 5,000 spectators on Monday.

The Giants had nowhere to go when rain threatened several practices early on, although the weather only impacted one.

"I want to be optimistic,” Jennings said. “We've had a good (training camp) season. I think with the shortened number of practices it's been more of a challenge for the Giants but I am encouraged that they will come back.”

The Giants have been holding training camp at SUNY Albany for 16 seasons. In 2009 the team built a posh practice facility -- with an indoor field -- in East Rutherford, N.J. next to MetLife Stadium. Last year the Giants didn’t train in Albany because of the NFL lockout. Jennings said the team’s absence would be tough economically, but the Giants mean more than money to the city.

"I think you see the impact it has on local businesses, hotels and places like

that,” Jennings said. “There is no doubt it will have an impact. But as far as I am concerned it is having the world champions here and having this organization here. That's just not beneficial to this university, but the kids here and families and people who aren't from here. They can come here and see them."