A newer, kinder Jacobs

Once he was done apologizing to practically the entire English speaking world, the newer, kinder Brandon Jacobs said he is focused and has his head on straight to run hard and powerful again.

The running back said his frustration with his role subsided after his meetings with Tom Coughlin and GM Jerry Reese and he is fully committed.

“My issue with this whole thing was the explanation of why all this happened,” Jacobs said of going from starter to the backup running back. “I didn’t have one. I have one now. All this stuff is gone. All of it’s done, and we’re moving forward. So that’s what it was that lit my dynamite is an explanation to what was going on.”

Jacobs understands he has to set the physical tone for the Giants rushing attack. No more running side to side.

“We’ve just got to get our heads on right and go up the field,” Jacobs said. “We’ve got to kind of go at guys. We’re a physical team. We’re a physical bunch. We can go up and knock some guys off the ball, one or two guys here and there, and that’s going to get us to start it the right way.”

“I can get out and set the physical tone when opportunity is given,” added Jacobs, who saw just four carries on Sunday against Indianapolis. “That’s what I want to do. I want to get everybody jumping up right away so we can let these teams know that right off the bat that’s what this whole game is going to be like. I want to send positive energy across to my football team.”