Jernigan, Carr stand in for RG3

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- No puns intended, but Robert Griffin III is the triple threat.

So how do the New York Giants prep for the speed, passing ability and ingenuity of a quarterback like Griffin?

Use David Carr and Jerrel Jernigan as stand-ins.

Tom Coughlin said backup quarterback Carr was "slick enough and quick enough" to help the team prepare for the Washington Redskins' lightning-fast leader. He also suggested wide receiver Jernigan, who played four years of quarterback in high school, has the speed to prepare the Giants for Griffin.

"I feel like I'm a little bit faster than [Griffin]," Carr joked. "I know that he's young and got a long road ahead of him, but I've been running for a long time."

Jernigan added, "I'm just out there trying to get the defense the best look possible and get them ready for Sunday.

"Me, Osi [Umenyiora] and [Justin] Tuck were having fun joking around about it," Jernigan continued. "They were like I wasn't that fast to get around the edge on them. I'm doing pretty good at it."

For the record, Jernigan did get the edge on them without the ball.

"With Jerrel's speed, it's very lifelike and it's going to give our defense a good look," fullback Henry Hynoski said. "Jerrel is so fast, he's fast like RG3. So it definitely helps out. He's going to get the defense ready."

Although Jernigan played quarterback in high school, it's obvious his talents are at wide receiver. So Coughlin leaves the throwing to Carr.

"[Jernigan] is terrible at throwing the football, so we put him in for the runs and I come in for the passes," Carr said with a smile. "He's pretty good [at QB]. He knows what he's doing. His snap count needs some work, but his speed is undeniable."

The Giants hope the one-two punch of Carr and Jernigan adds up to enough preparation for Griffin on Sunday.