Injury report: Phillips wasn't ready

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Tom Coughlin said the Giants weren't comfortable playing safety Kenny Phillips just yet on Sunday.

Phillips had said last week that he was ready to play but the Giants kept him inactive on Sunday. Coughlin was asked if Phillips suffered a setback.

"I don’t know if you would call it that," Coughlin said. "Just didn’t feel like after a couple of days of practice that he could do the things he had to do to perform in the role that we wanted him to be in."

Coughlin did not have an update on running back Andre Brown's shoulder injury or defensive tackle Chris Canty's groin injury. He did say that "maybe" linebackers Chase Blackburn (hamstring) and Keith Rivers (calf) could be available to practice this week.

"We haven’t tested it 100 percent yet," Blackburn said of his hamstring. "You want to give it time to rest when you have a high hamstring and muscle pull, you want to give it time to rest before you really push it because if you push it and it doesn’t work, then it becomes a longer issue. You have to test it at some point so we’ll determine when that point is."

Tight end Martellus Bennett had a noticeable limp after Sunday night's game. He would not say what is hurting him him and would only refer to the injury as "whatever." But he did seem to be walking better on Monday.

"It was my whatever that is hurting," Bennett said. "It was [painful]. The whatever hurts all the time."

Is there any swelling?

"In the whatever?" Bennett asked. "No swelling in the whatever. I hope the whatever doesn't interfere with practice this week. Nobody knows what's hurt. That is why it is called whatever."