Coughlin: Sandy impacted Giants

Tom Coughlin did his best to try to create some normalcy and routine for the New York Giants during and after Hurricane Sandy.

But the head coach said the Giants, like the millions of people that were in the path of Sandy, were impacted by the historic storm.

"We tried to do the best job we could," Coughlin said on WFAN radio Tuesday. "We tried to back our week up and tried to put our players in a better position mentally where they could take care of their issues and then come to work."

“For the most part, when we were here, I think the focus was here," he continued. "But to say that we weren’t affected, no, that would be foolish ... that would be naive on my part.”

Several Giants lost power in their homes. Some had to leave their houses and apartments due to rising waters and suffered damage. Eli Manning watched the Hudson River rise into the streets and into the lobby of his Hoboken apartment building.

Upon arriving back from Dallas late Sunday night as Sandy was heading toward the New York/New Jersey area, Coughlin had his players stay with their families during the storm. He also adjusted the schedule that week to allow players to come in later on the Wednesday before they faced Pittsburgh, to make sure their families were OK. But the Giants faded in the fourth quarter of a 24-20 loss to the Steelers and were routed the following week in Cincinnati, 31-13. The Giants had a bye last Sunday.

"Everyone has been affected,” Coughlin said. “And our players have, because, remember, they have families, they have wives, they have children. They went through the same things that we all went through."

“You lose power," Coughlin continued. "For example, just as close as Hoboken, there were guys that couldn’t stay in their apartments, couldn’t live in their homes, they had to get out. And then you are always concerned about your wife, your children, whether or not you have gas in the tank, whether or not there is warmth in your home.

"On a smaller scale, but reflective of what many people went through, certainly we were affected.”