Cruz leads NFC WRs in Pro Bowl votes

Victor Cruz is among the top-10 Pro Bowl vote-getters so far and it's a reminder to him of just how far he has come.

Cruz leads all NFC wide receivers with 352,611 votes so far. The fact that he leads standouts like Detroit's Calvin Johnson reminds him of where he was just a short time ago.

"I'm humbled man," Cruz said. "It's just crazy to think, it's crazy to even fathom the thought that just three years ago I was a guy nobody knew and now I am leading in votes in the Pro Bowl.

"Words can't even explain how I feel about that right now. I am just extremely humbled by it. Hopefully, I can continue my high level of play and not let the fans down."

Cruz is 10th in total votes behind Denver's Peyton Manning (586,523), New England's Tom Brady (534,020), Houston's Arian Foster (519,261), Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers (485,196), Minnesota's Adrian Peterson (484,227), Cincinnati's A.J. Green (406,780), New England's Rob Gronkowski (399,885), New Orleans' Drew Brees (376,530) and Atlanta's Matt Ryan (369,467).

Looks like Cruz's viral video "Plane Catch" campaign is helping.

"I think it is definitely a catalyst," Cruz said. "We got a couple more videos that we want to put out there to continue that trend. So we will see how that goes."