Osi: 'Now is probably time to move on'

Osi Umenyiora is ready to move on.

The defensive end said during his weekly spot on ESPN New York 98.7 that “now is probably time to move on.”

Listen to Osi Umenyiora on 98.7:

Play“I feel fortunate to be able to play 10 years in New York,” he said on The Michael Kay Show. “It was a great run. I think now is probably time to move on.”

Umenyiora is seeking a new lucrative contract and a starting position -- both of which will likely take place elsewhere.

“There’s really not much left for me to accomplish here in New York,” Umenyiora said of the timing of moving on to another team. “Look at things that have been done here, what is there that is to be done that I haven’t done?

“We won a championship twice,” he continued. “I think I’ve been a Pro Bowl player. Everything has pretty much gone better than I could have imagined in New York. So if there is a time to leave, it probably would be now but there is no telling what would happen.”

While the defensive end has left the door open for a potential return, Umenyiora sounds like a man ready for a change of scenery.

“I’ve earned the right to be a free agent,” Umenyiora said. “It’s been 10 years. I signed a seven-year deal and they made me play out all seven of those years. If they (the Giants) wanted me back, I think something would have been done before now.”