Weatherford wants apology from Ross

New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford adamantly denies claims made by Mitch Ross that he supplied Weatherford with hologram stickers known as "performance chips."

Ross is co-owner of a company called Sports With Alternatives To Steroids (S.W.A.T.S) and says he supplied Ray Lewis with deer-antler spray -- which reportedly contains IGF-1, a substance that is banned by the NFL. Sports Illustrated reported Tuesday that Lewis sought help from Ross' company while rehabbing from a torn triceps injury during the regular season.

"I've never met Mitch Ross, I've never taken any of his products, I've never taken an illegal substance and his claims were totally unsubstantiated. And I've contacted legal council regarding his slanderous statements," Weatherford said at halftime of the Knicks-Kings game on Saturday.

Weatherford said he would like Ross to recant his statement and offer a public apology. Ross told reporters at the Super Bowl that Weatherford was one of his clients.

Performance chips aren't banned by the NFL. Their purpose, according to Sports Illustrated, is to "encode radio waves emitted near them" -- the kind of radio waves you might expect in a stadium full of cell phones. But an electrical engineering profession told the magazine the performance chips "appear to just be stickers."