Tiki: Coughlin should be coach of the year right now

It wasn't long ago that Tiki Barber said Tom Coughlin was losing his grip on the Giants locker room.

Now, with the Giants riding a five-game winning streak and atop the NFC, Barber is praising his old coach.

When asked to make his midseason award picks for coach of the ear, the Yahoo! Sports analyst chose Coughlin on a video on Yahoo! Sports.

"You know what, five wins in a row after starting the season looking for his job, the coach of the year right now is Tom Coughlin," Barber said.

One of the other Yahoo analysts jokingly screamed out, "oh no he didn't!"

"He has the New York Giants playing unbelievable football," Barber said. "Oh yes I did. I've always said he is a good coach, now he is finally proving it."

When the Giants were 1-2, Barber said Coughlin had a crisis on his hand after Antrel Rolle had made critical remarks about the team's controlled atmosphere and the leadership on the team.

"He is in a crisis because of the perception that he is losing his team," Barber said prior to the Giants starting their winning streak against the Bears. "We all know that especially in New York, once the media and the perception becomes a reality, you start fighting against it. And when you are fighting against something that is not necessarily real, you make it real. That is why he is in a crisis."

Barber added then that Coughlin was a good coach but he felt Coughlin needed to get his message across to the team better and he needed leaders in the locker room to help him.