Coach talk: Ingram on Wilson and Brown

David Wilson and Andre Brown will compete for the starting running back job. USA TODAY Sports

With the Giants off until training camp, we're taking a look at what the coaches are saying about how their positions looked this offseason in OTAs.

Today, we look at Jerald Ingram's thoughts on his running backs:

Wilson growing: David Wilson and Andre Brown will compete in next month's camp to start at running back. Wilson is on track to be the starter, but the running backs are slated to share carries.

Ingram likes what he has seen from Wilson.

"He's in a position to compete to be the guy," Ingram said when asked if Wilson can be the lead back. "He has the talent, has the speed, has a few plays from a year ago underneath his belt. Everything we gauge is kind of like in college with spring ball, but once we put the pads on, we'll see who is physical, who's determined to make plays out there."

"I think he's grown," Ingram added. "He has a fairly good understanding of the offense right now. He's definitely in position to be the guy, but I think just like what we've done in the past here, we're going to be a rotation-type team, and what certain backs do best, we'll play."

Ingram says Wilson has improved with his pass protection, but the running backs coach wants to see how he does in camp in full pads. He also wants to see Wilson become more of a presence with his teammates to help replace the void left by Ahmad Bradshaw.

"There are some goals that he has to accomplish for us," Ingram said. "He's definitely on a better track than he was a year ago in understanding our protections and doing those kinds of things. I think we'll take advantage of his natural ability as much as we can."

"We've got a tradition of great running backs here that have established themselves as leaders on this team," Ingram added. "And that's where he’s got to be. He's got to be a guy that Eli [Manning] can trust in every situation possible, and we'll go from there. But right now I think he's on track."

A complete back: Brown has recovered from his broken leg suffered last season and has waited a long time for an opportunity to show what he can do on a full-time basis.

Even if Wilson starts, Brown should see his share of snaps, including goal-line touches.

"He's motivated," Ingram said. "He's been waiting a lifetime around here for that. We brought him in here because he can catch the ball, he can run, he can do a lot of things and be a complete running back here. And he's definitely a true every-down kind of guy because he's got size, speed and quickness."

Thunder and Lightning reborn: Ingram hopes that Wilson and Brown can become the type of tandem the Giants once had in the backfield.

"We like to think that we have the size and quickness with these two guys to be a thunder and lightning-type situation," Ingram said. "And I think we will utilize that this year. How many carries they get will be based on who we play and our objective and our situation."

Tell us what you think of Ingram's assessment and how you think Wilson and Brown should be used.