Christie: My favorite team is not the Giants

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's popularity rating was probably already low with Giants fans for picking the Jets against the Giants in 2011.

But while talking to students at Samsel Upper Elementary School in Parlin, N.J., Christie revealed he's a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Christie was asked what teams he roots for and he mentioned the Knicks, Mets and Rangers.

"Now the last answer is one of the things that gets all of my political advisers nervous," Christie said. "My favorite football team is not the New York Giants."

That caused a loud stir in the assembly.

"It is not the New York Jets ... and it is not the Philadelphia Eagles," Christie continued. "Get ready now. My favorite football team are the Dallas Cowboys ... which by the way is not the smartest thing for the Governor of New Jersey to want to be is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys."

The answer drew loud boos as the candid Christie could only shake his head in amusement.

This is not the first time Christie has sided with a rival of the Giants. Before the Giants and Jets played each other in 2011 in a pivotal Christmas Eve game, Christie predicted the Jets would win. The Giants went on to a 29-14 victory on their way to a Super Bowl run.

Christie explained that his father was a Giants fan but he grew up a fan of the Cowboys and Roger Staubach.

"The Giants and the Jets pretty much stunk when I was a kid," Christie said. "And my father was a Giants fan and I used to remember watching him when I was eight, nine-years-old. Every Sunday, he would watch the Giants and yell at the TV set. I used to think to myself, why would I want to root for a team that makes you angry? So I decided not to and the Cowboys were really good back then."