Baas feeling better after 'tuneup'

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Giants center David Baas had multiple medical procedures after last season, but has been back on the field as the Giants opened training camp this weekend.

Baas' participation in the first two practices has been limited, but he's happy nonetheless.

"My goal was to be out there and be with my teammates, and with all the stuff I’ve gone through, it was definitely something I was looking forward to," Baas said Sunday. "I’ve gotta be smart about it -- they have me at limited reps right now. But we’ll manage that."

Baas started all 16 games last season, his second year with Big Blue, after being signed away from the 49ers. But by the end of it, his body was in bad shape.

The 31-year-old wouldn't reveal the nature of his injuries, or how many procedures he had, however.

"I don’t really like to talk about it too much, just because you see a lot of other people that talk about their injuries and stuff," Baas said. "My big thing is, basically, no matter how many surgeries or injuries I had, I wanna come out here -- you gotta prove it every year."

He did say that the procedures were spread out. "We did the majority of them at the beginning [of the offseason]. Maybe one when we got back up here," Baas said.

"I feel really good," he added. "It was a good tuneup."

Baas isn't the only Giants O-lineman working his way back from injury. Right guard Chris Snee had hip surgery during the offseason, and is currently on the PUP list, not yet able to practice.

The center isn't worried about the two of them missing time during camp.

"I don’t think it’ll be a problem," Baas said. "Just because both of us, we’re not out there wondering what’s happening, we can still react the same way that we always have. We know the game plan, we know the offense.

"The biggest thing is, it’s like riding a bicycle -- once you get going out there and doing reps again, you remember your steps, your hand placements."

Baas said he wants to get some reps during the Giants' four preseason games, although he's not sure how many.

Once the regular season starts, "I’ll be full go, for sure," Baas said. "But like I said, we’re gonna be smart about it."