TC, Rolle think Giants will show up Sunday

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Many people expect a lackluster effort Sunday when the New York Giants host the Seattle Seahawks.

But Giants coach Tom Coughlin likes what he's seen from his team this week, despite being eliminated from playoff contention last Sunday in San Diego.

"They’ve done a real good job of that all year long. They’ve overcome disappointment in terms of going back to work and having enthusiasm," Coughlin said Friday. "Our morning meetings are very good. Our practices have been good, with good enthusiasm, people really focusing on their job -- we’ve had our one or two incidents, but overall the practices have been good.

"I do think that the guys come back from disappointment and they recognize the importance of the next game and they go and prepare themselves for it. That’s a tribute to them."

The Giants haven't faced a stretch of meaningless December games in nearly a decade, since 2004. Coughlin is counting on his leaders to set the tone for the rest of the team.

"You have to count on your leaders, always," Coughlin said. "No matter what the circumstance is you have to count on your leaders. This circumstance is obviously one of them. We have five solid captains and they know what their job is right now and that is to keep our team focused, keep our team on the same page, practice well, prepare well. Nothing is going to be done any different."

One of the Giants' captains, safety Antrel Rolle, also expressed confidence Friday in his team's approach heading into Sunday's game against the playoff-bound Seahawks.

"I think for the most part guys have had an upbeat attitude, staying positive, understanding that there’s still three games left to play," Rolle said. "It’s about football right now. It’s not about playoffs, it’s not about Super Bowls, it’s about going out there and closing the season out with a whole lot of pride."

We'll see how much pride really matters to these Giants come Sunday at MetLife Stadium.