Phillips: Celek TD changed everything

The Eagles' comeback for the ages started in earnest with a blown tackle by Kenny Phillips.

With 7:43 to go in the fourth and the Giants up, 31-10, Michael Vick hit tight end Brent Celek over the middle. Phillips saw Celek bobble the ball and made a play for it. He didn’t get the ball and completely blew the tackle, allowing Celek to march into the end zone for a 65-yard touchdown.

“I feel that’s where the game changed, I really do,” Phillips said after the game. “I wish I could take it back, I can’t. He was fumbling with the ball and I thought I had a chance to pick it. I should have just secured the tackle.”

Philadelphia covered 75 yards in just two plays and cut the score to 31-17. The Eagles recovered a David Akers on-side kick on the next play and Michael Vick led them on another touchdown drive. In all, they scored 14 points in 2:37, setting the stage for one of the worst collapses in NFL history.

Phillips’ blown tackle on Celek was a blemish in an otherwise strong performance. The second-year safety finished with three tackles and two fumble recoveries.

Afterward, Phillips was focused on the play that got away.

“I should have just secured the tackle,” he said. “That’s all my fault.”