Mara: No Coughlin contract talks yet

New York Giants owner John Mara appeared on Mike Lupica's ESPN radio show Monday on 98.7 FM in New York. The link to the interview is here, and while the bulk of it is devoted to Mara's continued celebration of the indefensible decision to hold the Super Bowl in New Jersey, there are a couple of Giants topics addressed starting around the 8:30 mark.

Mara said the team hasn't yet had discussions with coach Tom Coughlin about extending his contract beyond 2014. The Giants have a longstanding policy of not allowing their head coach to enter the final season of his contract as a lame duck, but Mara indicated on the day after the season that they could change that.

"In terms of Tom’s future, we haven’t even had that discussion yet," Mara said on Lupica's show Monday. "He’s obviously going to be our coach here next year and hopefully for longer than that, but we haven’t sat down to even talk about that yet. I think he’s just focused on getting the team ready for next year, and sometime in the future we will sit down and talk about that."

Meantime, Mara said he's happy that the team decided to make changes to the offensive coaching staff. After longtime offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride did the team a favor by retiring before they had to decide to fire him, they hired 36-year-old Packers assistant Ben McAdoo for his first offensive coordinator job at any level and let go of longtime tight ends coach Mike Pope and running backs coach Jerald Ingram.

"There are times where you just have to do that, because things were just not working for us, particularly on offense," Mara said. "So I’m glad that we are making some changes. We need to move forward and we need to do things a little bit differently around here."

That appears to be the plan on offense. Mara went on to say that he believes there's enough talent on the team to contend and make the playoffs in 2014, which everybody in the league believes and should believe about their team. But as he also said, the Giants have a great deal of work to do in the draft and in free agency before we know that their 2014 will even look like.