Victor Cruz discusses new Giants offense

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Much of what the New York Giants are doing here in the first week of their offseason program is learning a new offense under new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo. There is a lot to learn -- a lot of differences from what former offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride ran. Longtime offensive lineman Chris Snee said the first couple of days had been spent entirely on run concepts, and that as of Tuesday afternoon they hadn't even discussed passing concepts.

But wide receiver Victor Cruz worked with quarterback Eli Manning this month at the Mannings' annual passing camp at Duke University. Since Manning had the chance to talk to McAdoo during McAdoo's interview process, Manning has some idea about some of the differences we'll see in the passing game. Cruz discussed some of them Tuesday when he mentioned that the new offense won't be based as much on "body language" as the old one was.

"Now that this offense is less centered on body language, I think it's going to be even easier to get on the same page," Cruz said. "This offense, your route is your route. It's a lot less dependent on Eli reading my body language and much more about him just reading the coverage and finding the guy who's open."

We've discussed this here, specifically with regard to Rueben Randle. The Gilbride offense relied on option routes that put a lot of responsibility on receivers reading coverages the same way Manning did. A receiver would get to the line with several options, read the coverage and run the route he believed would get him open. If Manning made the same read, and if it worked, they could connect for a big play. Several times last season, Randle and Manning didn't make the same read and it led to interceptions. It's possible that simplifying the pre-snap responsibilities for the receivers will help Randle flourish. Cruz seems to think it will make it easier on everyone.

"I'm excited about it," Cruz said. "Anybody who's seen Green Bay knows they can put up a lot of points in a hurry."

Green Bay is of course where McAdoo spent the past eight years as a member of Mike McCarthy's offensive coaching staff.