Jason Pierre-Paul questions Giants' heart

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- On Tuesday, Antrel Rolle said the New York Giants lack passion. Two days later, Jason Pierre-Paul said the Giants don't have enough heart.

Not very encouraging -- particularly coming from two of the team's best defensive players.

"Honestly, it is not all about attitude, it is all about heart," Pierre-Paul said Thursday, when asked about the Giants' attitude heading into the second half of the season. "You can have the attitude, you can have the swagger, you can talk your way, but it is all about heart. If you don’t have the heart to play this game, then we are going to continue losing.

"That is with every guy, every guy has to challenge their self to play more and do more than what they expect," he continued. "When it comes down to it, it is all about heart. If you don’t have heart, that is something you can’t give a player, you just have to have it."

Soon after, Pierre-Paul was asked if that heart is missing on the Giants. "It's definitely missing from a lot of guys," he said. "But we'll get it together. We’ve got tomorrow, and then we play Sunday."

Rolle and Pierre-Paul may just be trying to fire up their teammates, heading into Sunday's game in Seattle against the Seahawks. Playing the defending Super Bowl champions, on the road no less, is a daunting task.

The Giants are heavy underdogs, and another loss would be their fourth in a row, dropping them to 3-6 -- on the precipice of falling out of the playoff race.

The pressure is on -- and speaking of pressure, the Giants desperately need to put more pressure on the quarterback, particularly now that their already-depleted secondary has lost Prince Amukamara for the rest of the season, and may be without his replacement, Zack Bowman, too.

Eight games in, the Giants have just 14 sacks, tying them for 23rd in the league. Pierre-Paul is the team leader, but he only has 3.5, putting him on pace for seven -- a far cry from the 16.5 he had in 2011.

"Twelve [sacks] would be nice," Coughlin said, when Pierre-Paul's 16.5-sack season was mentioned Thursday. "He’s very explosive in practice, and sometimes not as explosive in games. We’re trying like heck to work with his technique a little bit more to give him a little bit of an edge. That’s basically where we are."

Pierre-Paul had two sacks in the Giants' previous game against the Cowboys, but wasn't nearly as effective against the Colts on Monday night. He was dealing with a shoulder injury late last week, but has not appeared on the team's injury report this week.

Coughlin believes technique is the issue. "Sometimes he doesn’t get the jump on the ball that I’ve seen him get," Coughlin said. "It kind of all goes together."

"I don’t know what you are talking about," Pierre-Paul said, when asked about Coughlin's comments. "I am watching more film, like I always do, I am watching film of myself and criticizing myself. I always take criticism from the coaches. ... As long as they tell me, 'Hey, look, this is what you need to do,' I do it. Whatever they ask me to do, I do it."

Pierre-Paul admitted he didn't play well against the Colts. "Last game I saw a lot of mistakes out there on my part," he said. "I could have played really better than I did last game. Come off a bye week, I could have been much better."

The Giants will be on a big stage Sunday against the defending champs -- giving Pierre-Paul the chance to prove he's still got game, and his teammates the chance to prove they're not a bunch of Tin Men.