Nine for No. 9: Landon Collins

The New York Giants hold the No. 9 pick in this year's draft. Each day from March 28 through April 5 (that's nine days -- we did the math for you), we will take a quick look at one prospect who might be available and a fit for the Giants at that spot. Today we take a look at a player who plays a position of significant need.

Landon Collins, S, Alabama

Chances he's there at No. 9: Almost certain.

Why he'd be a good pick for the Giants: The only two safeties currently on their roster are their two most recent fifth-round draft picks -- Nat Berhe and Cooper Taylor. And Taylor's recovering from surgery. This is a position at which they need help right now and Collins is the player in this draft who can provide it. He can play in coverage or in the box, and he's played at the highest level of college competition. Has a good understanding of the game and is seen as a strong leader.

Why he wouldn't: Most current projections have Collins going much lower than this, which may make him a "reach" at No. 9. The Giants have many more needs than just this one, and stretching to take a safety this high when they might be able to get a higher-ceiling guy at a position like defensive end might be a mistake.