Jacobs uncertain of future but wants to remain a Giant

Brandon Jacobs is unsure of his role for next season but he wants to remain a Giant.

Jacobs said he wants the Giants to re-sign Ahmad Bradshaw and keep as many of the Giants with expiring contracts as Jerry Reese can. He also reiterated how passionate he is about bringing Plaxico Burress back.

As for his own contract, Jacobs understands that it may be difficult for the Giants to keep both backs as Bradshaw said last month.

“The whole thing with Ahmad and me, I want to be a Giant, no question about it,” Jacobs said in an interview with ESPNNewYork.com while at ESPN The Weekend in Orlando. “But it is a business and I want to be able to play with Ahmad and play with the Giants but I don’t know what is in store, I don’t know what is going to happen. So I keep my fingers crossed and workout as hard as I can and hope I am a Giant next year.”

Jacobs has two years remaining on his contract and is slated to earn $4.65 million in 2011 and $4.9 million in 2012. Jacobs said he understands the business and saw how the Giants were unable to keep Derrick Ward a few seasons ago.

“Ahmad is absolutely right,” Jacobs said of Bradshaw wondering if the Giants can keep the two running backs financially. “Ahmad is a great runner, no question about it, he has gotten much better since he first got into the league, in the passing game and doing everything else. Wherever he goes or whatever he gets, he will be very deserving of that. He does things the right way and he put himself in the position to take care of his family.”

When asked about the possibility of taking a paycut to make things work, Jacobs said he would be open to the idea as long as it is fair to him and his family.

“Nothing is going to happen until the CBA stuff gets done,” Jacobs said. “And if they happen to ask to take the pay cut and it is an unnecessary amount, then absolutely not. But other than that, if it is something that can be done, then yes, then whatever is going to get the team going and winning.”

“But once you take off an astronomical amount, that is not going to happen. I’d be open to it as long as it is fair to me.”

It sounds as if the Giants want Jacobs back. Head coach Tom Coughlin and Reese both said at last week’s NFL scouting combine that Jacobs needs to get the ball more. With Bradshaw as the primary running back, Jacobs averaged just 9.1 carries a game last season.

He never carried the ball more than 14 times in a game but still rushed for 823 yards and nine touchdowns on 147 carries.

In Bradshaw’s first year as the top back, he carried the ball 276 times for 1,235 yards and eight touchdowns but also lost six fumbles.

“I have no idea what the role is for me next season,” Jacobs said. “I just want to be a Giant next year and make things happen for my team and be productive.”

“I’m open to whatever they would like to do,” Jacobs added. “I have felt good and I think I can feel good with at least 50-60 more carries as well. I was just hitting my stride toward the end of the season and wish we could have made the playoffs, would have been able to have a chance to dominate in the playoffs.”

Last year, Jacobs initially was not pleased with no longer being the primary running back. But he accepted the situation and began to thrive in his limited role and was as fresh as he has ever been late in the season.

In the final 10 games, Jacobs averaged 61.6 yards per game. He started five of those games when Coughlin wanted Bradshaw to stop fumbling.

Like Bradshaw, Jacobs thinks the one-two punch will work again this season.

“I don’t know what in the world they are going to do but I would love to have Ahmad back playing with me,” Jacobs said. “I love the kid like a brother. I hope a deal can get done there at some point.”