Diehl doesn't mind more competition at LT

David Diehl has heard the rumblings of the Giants possibly using their 19th pick on an offensive lineman and potentially a tackle.

Florida’s guard/center Mike Pouncey is a popular candidate for the Giants at 19 with Shaun O’Hara, Rich Seubert and Adam Koets all rebounding from surgeries.

But Boston College tackle Anthony Castonzo has also been linked to the Giants in some mock drafts. Giants offensive line coach Pat Flaherty also attended his Pro Day.

Diehl says he would welcome the addition of a first-round tackle. He just wants the opportunity of competing for the left tackle position since he played both left tackle and left guard last season due to injuries to the offensive line.

“It is another teammate that they think they can bring in and can help the offensive line,” Diehl said of the Giants potentially drafting a tackle. “Last year it showed with all the injuries and guys coming off of injuries, we are really going to need some guys to step in and help out and play different roles for us and if they bring in another guy, it is another job that you have to earn and it is competition like any other season.”

Diehl said the hamstring injury that kept him out of four games is completely healed.

“I just know right now physically and mentally, I am 100-percent,” said Diehl, who attended the Founders Dinner for the Jewish Childrens Center for the Arts which honored former Giant Michael Strahan on Thursday night. “My hamstring is no issue anymore. I feel great. That is something I worked really hard on to get to 100-percent. I am doing everything I can so when things do start up I will have no excuses and be in better shape than I have ever been.”

Diehl may have to compete with Shawn Andrews and William Beatty at left tackle in camp. But the Giants might use him at left guard since Seubert has a long rehab due to surgery on his kneecap.

The Giants will have to make a decision on Andrews, who is scheduled to collect a $3.5 million bonus on the 30th day of the league’s new year once a new CBA is agreed upon.

Diehl doesn’t know what the Giants have planned for him but he continues to train hard to be ready whenever there is football.

“Who knows?” Diehl said when asked if he will be the left tackle this season. “I think I am a capable player and I know I can do it and it is a job I am willing to work for and earn but sometimes it is not about you, it is about the team. Just like last season, I had to move around and play different positions based on guys getting hurt. I am a team player and I have always been a Giant guy and do whatever it takes to win but at the same time, just like anyone else, I want my fair shot to earn a position.”

“This is the time I would be getting an indication of what is going on,” Diehl added of usually when coaches would tell him what to expect for the season in a non-lockout situation. “But I am doing whatever I can to get myself physically ready to be 100-percent ready to go.”