Reese expects Jacobs to be with Giants this season

Jerry Reese didn’t want to say much about Plaxico Burress since he’s a free agent.

However, the Giants general manager did discuss Brandon Jacobs’ comments last week about his uncertainty over his status with the team this coming season.

Jacobs isn’t sure if the Giants can re-sign Ahmad Bradshaw and keep him as well. Jacobs is under contract for two more seasons and will make $4.65 million this season.

Reese started to laugh when asked about Jacobs’ comments about his status with the team, clearly amused since he says the big fella is expected to stay put.

“I guess you have to consider the source when Brandon starts talking,” Reese said while chuckling on The Stephen A. Smith show on ESPN New York 1050. “You can’t read a lot into what Brandon is saying sometimes. We do expect Brandon to be part of the football team this fall. He is under contract. Brandon does talk a lot and like I said, sometimes you got to tune some of that stuff out that he is talking about.”

Jacobs has said repeatedly that he wants to remain a Giant but understands the nature of the business. Reese and head coach Tom Coughlin have both said that they want to get Jacobs the ball more this season even though Bradshaw is the primary carrier now.

“He’s just talking,” Reese said. “Brandon likes to talk, sometimes he talks just to talk. Us here, in the Giants, in our building, we let some of that talk go off our back like a duck and we don’t worry about it too much.”

As for Burress, Reese said, "First of all what I can say about that is I am happy that he is home with his family. And that’s really about all I can say, you know, he is a free agent and I am not at liberty to talk about free agents –- Plaxico or any other free agent at this time. I am just happy that he is home with his family."

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