Bulluck on "year off" with Giants

Last year Keith Bulluck got the last minute invitation to Giants camp. New York gave the former Titans linebacker a chance after he rehabilitated a 2009 knee injury with a one-year deal, but the free agent told the NFL Network last week that he’s ready for a bigger role with whoever picks him up after the NFL lockout ends.

“I feel like last year was like a year off for me because I played a limited role within the Giants defense, and I was still able to be effective,” Bulluck said. “So I’ve just been out here in Westlake, California working out, Proactive Sports, just doing my thing. Getting right and getting ready for when this thing is lifted I know I’ll be ready to play.”

Bulluck could still be back with the Giants. After the lockout ends teams could have a short period before free agency during which they can resign their own players, but it sounds as though Bulluck would like more of a role in his 12th NFL season.

Bulluck also talks about the lockout's disproportionate effect on rookies and Albert Haynesworth's situation with Washington.

You can see more of the interview here.