Webster and Rolle alter contracts

There have been several questions about the New York Giants’ cap situation with other teams spending money left and right.

With the NFLPA website now up and active, a few contracts have changed and it looks like Corey Webster and Antrel Rolle both restructured their deals to help the Giants’ cap situation.

Webster was slated to make $8 million but that number has been reduced to $5 million this season in base salary. Rolle also has a base number of $1.25 million compared to the $5.25 million he was scheduled to make originally.

Both players reportedly will make up the difference in a signing bonus to help the Giants’ cap situation according to the New York Daily News. It is also interesting to note that both had to restructure their deals after Aug. 4 because they both practiced with the team.

Brandon Jacobs restructured his deal and had to sit out until Aug. 4 because he altered his contract. His cap number went down from $4.65 million to $2.9 million but he reportedly can earn back the money through performance incentives. In fact, the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Jacobs can up to $5 million if he reaches his incentives.

Jacobs restructured his deal to help the Giants re-sign Ahmad Bradshaw to a four-year $18 million deal. Bradshaw’s base salary is listed as $1.5 million.

Considering that anybody who restructured his deal prior to Aug. 4 would have had to sit out practices could have also played a factor in some other players not restructuring deals.

Some other contracts of note: Mathias Kiwanuka’s base salary also will be for $1.75 million this season, not including any potential incentives as well.

And Mario Manningham’s base salary increased to $1.4 million, perhaps after hitting an escalator in his contract.

As for what the Giants' cap number is right now, it can change because the team could always be altering other deals like they have with Rolle and Webster. (That last line of altering deals made me think of Darth Vader talking to Lando in "The Empire Strikes Back"). But I've hit up the Professor John Clayton for some updated figures. He says he will get back to me when he has them.