Rosenfels confident about backup QB spot

Sage Rosenfels was "shaking and sweating in his bed" prior to the Giants' first preseason game.

He said he could barely get up to the bathroom.

"I felt half good enough to play, so I felt great," Rosenfels said.


"My job is not to tell you guys how I feel," Rosenfels said. "My job is to go out there and perform whether you are feeling great or not feeling great. I knew the risk but I am a football player, and if you are 75-80 percent, you are fine."

As it turns out, Rosenfels wasn't fine. He had to stay in the hospital for a few days last month with a severe throat infection.

He ended up missing the final three preseason games. But Rosenfels isn't concerned about what the future holds.

Either Rosenfels or David Carr will be named the team's backup quarterback Saturday. The other? Well, he'll likely have to find another place to work.

"I practiced for 17 weeks last year," Rosenfels said. "I played in 46 preseason games over the course of 10 years, and I missed a couple preseason games, but with veterans you have something to go off of.

"It is not like I was injured all training camp and didn't practice. I did practice the first few weeks and played pretty well. I showed some things I can do.

"I know confidently that if Eli(Manning) got hurt I could come in and win games for us."

And even if Manning is healthy, Rosenfels can still hold. He did for kicker Lawrence Tynes last season with great success.

"I would assume so," Rosenfels replied when asked if he thought Tynes was lobbying for his return. "We went 17-for-18 last year when I was holding (for him), so we have very good rhythm and he has a huge amount of confidence in my holding abilities. I think he wholeheartedly thinks I am the best holder in the league. I take a lot of pride in it, and I take a lot of pride in the fact he had a very good season when I was holding."

Later on, Tynes was asked about Rosenfels' comments.

"Sage said that? Are you guys setting me up for something?" Tynes asked. "He's very good. For a guy that has done it in spot duty to what he did last year, he did a great job. So sure, he's the best. I agree."