Jacobs optimistic about post-bye return

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Assuming the remaining swelling and pain in Brandon Jacobs' knee subsides, the New York Giants running back expects to play in two weeks against the Miami Dolphins.

"No question about it," Jacobs, who said most of the swelling is gone, told reporters Tuesday. "There's no doubt in my mind."

Jacobs, 29, has missed the last two games with what sources have called a mild MCL sprain. He suffered the injury in Week 4 against the Arizona Cardinals. He said Tuesday that an MRI on his knee came back negative, although he did reveal that there was some lingering pain in his MCL.

Still, Jacobs was "very surprised" that he’s been out for this long.

"We got the MRI -- and the MRI came back negative -- and then those things get a little tricky when you're dealing with swelling," Jacobs said. "But I think things are good now and we got the bye and it couldn't have come at a better time. So I'll get this week off and we'll go from there."

Jacobs is going on vacation during the team's Week 7 bye, he said, but will continue to receive treatment. He said watching his teammates play without him the last two weeks was very difficult.

"You see your teammates out there fighting and scratching hard for 60 minutes and you want to be out there helping them. That's the only thing you think about," Jacobs said. "You see your teammates out there and you wanna be there for them, and it sucks when you can't when you're hurt."

Jacobs still regrets playing through a knee injury he suffered in 2009, which led to an underwhelming season in which he averaged just 3.7 yards per carry. He ended up needing offseason surgery to repair torn meniscus cartilage. That's why, he said, he wanted to be cautious coming back this time around.

"No question about it. I will not do that again. Point blank," Jacobs said.

Asked about how much of a load he expects when he comes back, Jacobs replied, "When I say play, I mean do what I did before, three or four carries, five carries, whatever they ask."

So was Jacobs, who has averaged less than 10 carries per game this season, insinuating that he isn't getting enough work? After all, head coach Tom Coughlin had said in the preseason that he was going to get Jacobs more involved in the offense.

"Listen man," Jacobs said. "I just take what I'm given, and I try to make it the best I can. That's it."

Jacobs was criticized by former teammate and current ESPN analyst Antonio Pierce for sitting out as long as he has. Defensive end Justin Tuck, also criticized by Pierce, said Jacobs didn't take too well to the comments.

But Tuesday, Jacobs said he wasn't bothered by what Pierce said.

"Antonio knows better than to say something like that," Pierce said. "He knows this game very, very well. He knows, and that's why it never bothers me or something like that. But he knows what it is. He's getting paid to do that. They might have given him an extra bonus here and there. He knows what it is."