Tuck ready for 49ers, unimpressed by Smith

Justin Tuck’s name not listed on the injury report? What gives?

There must be some kind of groin or neck ailment? No? Really?

So Justin, are you healthy?

“You can take that however you want to,” Tuck said after Thursday’s practice.

So how do you feel?

“I feel like I am ready to play on Sunday,” Tuck said.

Is this the healthiest you have been all year?

“Close,” Tuck said.

Tuck called Sunday’s game against the 7-1 49ers the Giants’ “biggest test thus far.”

The defensive end had three tackles last week against New England.

• San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith is having a big year. He’s got a QB rating of 97.3, but Tuck doesn’t seem impressed.

“He is a guy who they are trying to keep out of position to win the football game,” Tuck said. “Obviously, with a back like Frank Gore and the O-Line keeping them in third and short situations and even if it is third and six or seven, they still feel that they can pick it up running.

“I think they are asking Alex not to lose the game. He is playing decent with 10 touchdowns and two picks. He is not putting them in situations where they are going to be pinned back or their defense is not going to be put in bad situations. If they get in field goal range, they are going to run the ball and make sure they come away with some points. If they are not in, they are going to run the ball and make sure they punt to put their defense in good positions to stop the offense.”

• The key to stopping Gore (159 carries, 782 yards, five touchdowns)?

“I think it is gap integrity,” Tuck said. “We need to make sure that he shuffles his feet. He is a back with great vision and once that crease opens, he is hitting it 100 percent. Watching him on film, it is like he knows where it is going to open and he is sitting there waiting for it and waiting for it. When it opens, he hits it. I think it is gap integrity and making sure it is bundled up and he doesn’t have any alleyways.”