Jacobs on boos: 'Best thing' fans do

Frustrating. Upsetting. Absolutely pathetic.

Those are the words Brandon Jacobs used to describe the Giants’ ground game on Sunday night.

The fans at Met Life Stadium agreed, booing Jacobs lustily throughout the Eagles' 17-10 win.

Not that it bothered him.

“That’s the best thing that they do here is to boo. I’m not worried about that,” Jacobs said. “I’ve been hearing that for seven years.”

The fans had plenty of reason to let Jacobs and the rest of the Giants' backs have it on Sunday night. The Giants gained just 29 yards on 17 carries Sunday night. Jacobs ran for just 21 yards on 12 carries.

Afterward, Tom Coughlin called the Giants’ running game “as pathetic as it can get.”

Jacobs agreed.

“It was absolutely pathetic. The worst I’ve ever experienced in my seven years of playing,” Jacobs said. “We’re used to being in the top two, top three in the league and now we’re 40th [29th to be exact].”

For Jacobs, it’s the second time he’s been booed at home this season. A few days after complaining about his role with the Giants, Jacobs ran for just 10 yards on four carries against Miami and heard it from frustrated fans.

Two days after the Miami game, the veteran vowed to be a “changed” back.

“I’m playing for my teammates, my brothers,” Jacobs said then. “That’s who I care about. I don’t care about anybody else to be honest with you. I don’t care if [fans] cheer for me another day. They could boo me every day. But they should boo when I’m about to score these touchdowns.”

He got in the end zone against New England the following Sunday but struggled the next week against San Francisco. Those struggled continued against Philly. In the second half, Jacobs gained just seven yards on six carries.

“Ultimately it’s my fault because I’m the one carrying the ball,” Jacobs said. “I just hope we get it right.”

Before he cut his post-game interview short, Jacobs was asked why the Giants offense couldn't get much done against a Philadelphia team clinging to life.

"Because we didn’t want it as bad as they did," a frustrated Jacobs said. "There’s no explanation for a game like that. We didn’t play that well. And they wanted it more. Their backs [are] up against the wall and we went in there and let them wake up on us.”