Boothe believes snapping problems fixed

Kevin Boothe believes there's a better fitting baseball analogy for trying to fix his snapping problems than one that involves Chuck Knoblauch.

"I think it's more of a pitcher that has a flaw and they correct it and he's throwing strikes," Boothe said. "It's not throwing it into the stands or throwing it away from Eli (Manning)."

Coming off a game in which he had several errant snaps, Boothe is confident that he has fixed his snapping problems heading into Sunday's game against Washington. Boothe will be making his third straight start at center on Sunday, filling in for the injured David Baas.

"It's mechanics. We worked on it. It's a non-issue. It's been a non-issue this week," Boothe said. "Fortunate it didn't cost us the game last week with the one with the penalty, luckily. Worked on it and I'm satisfied with where we are at right now."

Sunday night against Dallas, Boothe didn't have the cleanest night snapping the ball. With less than two minutes left, he sent one of his snaps over the head of Manning for what would have been at least a 10-yard loss but that play was negated because of a penalty against Dallas. Some of his snaps were too high or too low in the game.

On Thursday, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said Boothe has been outstanding for the Giants but said that some of his snaps have been unnerving.

The coordinator did not have an explanation for the errant snaps and then seemingly joked about how the team doesn't want Boothe to overanalyze the situation so much that he becomes like Knoblauch. The former Yankees second baseman struggled at the end of his career to make the simple throw from second to first.

Boothe laughed when he heard about Gilbride's line.

"I think literally it's a technique flaw," Boothe said. "It wasn't anything I could say, I don't know why I was snapping poorly. They corrected me and I immediately noticed the results."

While Boothe didn't go into specifics about the technique flaw, he said that it's something that he should know better by now. He credited the coaching staff for helping him discover what had been wrong with his snaps.

"It's something we worked on and I'm not worried about it," Boothe said.

Baas, the starter, said he tries to help Boothe whenever the backup asks him a question and he said Boothe has asked some questions this week. Boothe is naturally a tackle/guard but has played center for the Giants for the past few seasons. He added that playing center has become natural for him by now.

"It's not like anything crazy. If he wants help; it's not like I've been doing it forever," Baas said. "Tell him how I hold the ball and how I would kind of do it and that I've made mistakes before and all that stuff. He'll take whatever advice he wants and I'll give whatever I can."