Kiper's potential keepers at 32

ESPN’s Mel Kiper had a conference call with reporters on Thursday and we asked the draft guru a couple of Giants questions.

In their last two mock drafts, Kiper and ESPN draft expert Todd McShay have the Giants taking a tight end in the first round with Stanford’s Coby Fleener as the latest choice for the defending champs. But my guess is the Giants will go best player available at 32.

“In terms of the tight ends, I think Coby Fleener, if he runs in the 4.5 range, which some people think he will, he could be in that mix,” Kiper said of best player available at 32. “I know he has got some durability concerns. But he is a talented kid catching the ball. He was a key guy for Andrew Luck. So if you can get a Coby Fleener, and he’ll block as well, and he has great size that is another critical weapon for Eli [Manning]. In terms of the injuries they have had to a couple of their tight ends, that is a need area.”

We asked Kiper, though, who could potentially be some best player available candidates at 32. Kiper mentioned Baylor wide receiver Kendall Wright, Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith and Nebraska outside linebacker Lavonte David as potential best player available options at 32.

“If Kendall Wright was there, I think Kendall Wright would be the best player on the board,” Kiper said. “If he slid down that far. I don’t think he will but if he did, he would be hard to pass up. If you look at the secondary, there’s some defensive backs that could drop down that far. I like the Harrison Smith. I don’t think they go that route but he would be there. Levonte David an outside linebacker from Nebraska, if he were there David would be a player too good to not have serious discussions about.”

On Monday, Kiper tells us some tight ends the Giants can keep an eye on later in the draft.

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