Tuck: Yankees run this town

Justin Tuck isn’t concerned about bragging rights or anything else this Saturday.

All he wants is a win and to keep the Giants alive in the playoff hunt.

“I think Rex Ryan did a great job of putting this team on the national map,” Tuck said of the Jets. “Everyone knows it is going to be a physical ballgame. So it is different from times past when I guess everybody knew that we were the big brothers. It is going to be a competitive game and looking forward to it.”

Tuck said the biggest thing at stake is the postseason for both teams still fighting for their playoff lives. Nothing matters more.

“I could care less about bragging rights,” Tuck said. “Last time I checked, the Mayor of New York ran the city. New Jersey is Gov. [Chris] Christie, he has a lot to say with what goes on in New Jersey. I don’t see me making any rulings on anything. Rex Ryan either.”

“We got a lot of catching up to get to, what is it ... 27 rings now the Yankees got?” Tuck asked. “They run New York if you want to talk about running New York.”

Tuck said bragging rights don’t mean much, even if Ryan insists that winning this game does mean a lot in New York and New Jersey.

“Obviously, we want to win the game regardless,” Tuck said. “It is not like if we beat them, I am going to be seeing guys at Del Frisco’s and I run into [Mark] Sanchez and say, guess what, we beat you. Come on man. Who cares. The only thing I care about is getting another one of those shiny things on my finger. Ask Rex Ryan if he is cool with going to the [AFC] championship game two years in a row. Guarantee he will trade one of those for playing for a Super Bowl and a win.”

As for Sanchez, Tuck said he wants to keep the Jets quarterback from getting in second- and third-and-short situations.

“I think he does a great job of managing the game,” Tuck said about Sanchez. “I think sometimes he can get rattled when you take away his running game. If he can hand that ball to Shonn [Greene] and get them in third-and-short and second-and-short situations where he can throw those quick passes and get into a rhythm, they can present a huge problem, especially with his mobility. But for us, it all starts with being more physical than they are and stopping the run, something we have had trouble with.”