Tortorella concerned about the 'kids'

Rangers coach John Tortorella decided to play J.T. Miller and Chris Kreider in limited roles on Monday. Debby Wong/USA TODAY Sports

Monday's 4-2 win over the Jets was the type the Rangers so desperately needed following two straight shutout losses, but it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns from coach John Tortorella after the game.

Of course, the coach was proud of his team's fight, their resiliency, etc., but he did express concern over whether young forwards J.T. Miller and Chris Kreider can handle the responsibilities facing them at this point of the season.

Both players were limited Monday night. Kreider received only 3:23 of ice time and did not skate past his sole shift in the second period. Miller played only slightly more -- 7:08 over six shifts -- though he also did not see the ice in the third period.

"I'm worried about them. I'm worried about Millsy," Tortorella said. "You play so many close games [and] there are just too many mistakes ... "

But Tortorella's concern was not just directed at Miller.

"Quite honestly, I'm worried about the two kids," he said. "Not that I'm upset with them. I just think the stakes are high, we play so many close games and I've just got to watch how they go through the game, do I trust them?"

"I'm kind of up in the air there, quite honestly," Tortorella continued. "Because I don't want to screw up their development, either. But stakes are too high right now, so we'll see where we go with it."