Donnie Pucks: No surprise

I feel bad for Scott Gordon. Good guy that deserved a better fate than getting fired.

But did he?

The Isles are 0-9-1 in their last 10.

In that span they have averaged just 1.4 goals per game.

Since 2008-09 their winning percentage is the worst in the league at .417.

Those are numbers that cost coaches jobs -- period. What else are they supposed to do? It's hard to make trades in the cap era. Free agents aren't in love with the idea of signing with the Islanders. And there are really no more kids left to call up from Bridgeport.

I get that they have injuries. But look around the league. Who doesn't?

The issue now to me is where does this leave Garth Snow? He's the GM. He hired Gordon. Is he the next to go if things don't turn around?

Jack Capuano will have the year to prove he stays. If not, Snow will get another chance to find the next head coach of the team. If that hire is a stinker, Snow may be shown the door.

Love or hate the Islanders, if you love hockey in New York, it's better with three teams to talk about and watch. Plus the rivalry between the Rangers and Isles is one of the best in sports.

Whether it's Garth Snow, Charles Wang, or whoever, let's hope the Islanders someday turn the corner. Right now it appears that corner is miles away.