Torts: "I want us to win that Trophy"

Under normal circumstances, John Tortorella is loathe to discuss any sort of accomplishments. But with one game left in the regular season and the Presidents' Trophy up for grabs, he slackened that policy.

The brash Rangers coach even seemed enthused to discuss the possibility in the hours before the Rangers' season finale against the Capitals.

"I want us to win that trophy," he said.

Again, uncharacteristically, Tortorella even addressed the S-word when talking about the team's quest for a championship. With two feats already accomplished -- the division title and the conference title -- there are two items remaining on the Rangers' to-do list.

"There’s two other checks that need to be done here – one is this Presidents’ Trophy, and the next is the real deal," Tortorella said. "So we’re looking to get number three here tonight.”

Not surprisingly, Tortorella declined to discuss the $20,000 fine handed down by the league Friday for his post-game rant Thursday.

When asked if there was anything he'd like to say regarding the fine, he responded:


When asked if there was anything he felt he COULD say regarding the fan, he said the same:


Tortorella was also docked $30,000 back in January for criticizing the officiating in the Winter Classic.