Tuck hopes Rangers get their rings, too

Justin Tuck says he has done everything he can to clear his schedule so he can attend Game 2 between the Rangers and Devils on Wednesday night.

But the Giants defensive end is going to be a little busy. The Giants will receive their Super Bowl rings at Tiffany & Co., but Tuck will have the Rangers on his mind as well, as he has become a big Blueshirts fan.

"Went to my first Rangers game versus the Pittsburgh Penguins in that series in 2005 and have been a fan ever since," Tuck said at a Subway appearance for the screening of the movie "Battleship" at the Intrepid on Tuesday night. "It is funny, I have been to a lot of Rangers games and until I banged on the home bench after they scored a last-second goal to send it to overtime, nobody ever noticed me."

"I lost my mind," Tuck added of him banging on the glass in celebration. "That was Game 5 against Ottawa. So I had the opportunity to become a fan. I didn't know what that felt like for a long time. That night I was a true fan."

Of course, Devils fans like to remind Tuck that he resides and works in New Jersey, where the Giants play and practice.

"When I became an East Coaster, the first hockey game I went to was a Rangers game and I was hooked from then," he said. "It has nothing to do with my dislike for the Devils. If the Devils so happen to beat the Rangers in the series, I will root for the Devils to win [the Stanley Cup]."

"It is kind of like the Nets and the Knicks," added Tuck, who is an avid NBA fan as well. "I am a Nets fan but I love the Knicks. And when the Knicks and the Nets aren't playing [each other], I root for the Knicks."

Tuck is hoping there will be plenty of more Rangers home games to attend this postseason.

"I don't see any reason why they can't [beat the Devils]," Tuck said. "The Garden is the greatest environment to play in; they are going to have home ice throughout. They play well. As long as [Henrik] Lundqvist is playing the way he did last night, they are going to be OK."