Jets should stay away from Jacobs

The Giants' decision to cut RB Brandon Jacobs, expected for weeks, will fuel speculation about a Jacobs-Jets marriage.

After all, the Jets need a back to replace free agent LaDainian Tomlinson. Jacobs, apparently forgetting he wanted to rip off Rex Ryan's head at the end of the Christmas Eve game, even commented recently that he'd like to play for the Jets. A desperate player will say just about anything for a job.

It says here the Jets should stay away from Jacobs, who turns 30 in July and has knee issues. Other reasons:

Ed Mulholland/US Presswire

Brandon Jacobs

1. The Jets already have a "big" back in Shonn Greene. They need more speed, not size. Jacobs has no speed; only one rush for 20-plus yards last season.

2. For a 265-pound man, Jacobs doesn't break many tackles. His yards-after-contact average last season was 1.66, which ranked 44th in the league. (In fairness, we should point out he brought it up to 2.25 in the NFC playoffs.)

3. The Giants finished last in rushing and next-to-last in short-yardage rushing, with only a 52-percent conversion rate.

4. Jacobs fumbled three times in only 152 carries.

Here's what the Jets should do at running back: Wait until the draft. Maybe Trent Richardson slips to 16. Maybe you can pick up a speed back in the second or third round. If not, then explore the secondary free-agent market.