Cardinal Dolan likes the Tebow trade

I've written about the Cardinals, but never a cardinal -- as in, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York. That's about to change because Tim Tebow is in town, and anything seems possible.

Not surprisingly, Cardinal Dolan approved of the Tebow trade.

"I’m kinda happy about (it)," he said on SiriusXM radio. "… He’s a class act. I’ve followed him with great interest and I highly respect him for his unabashedly Christian values. And I’ve never found it put-offish or arrogant. It’s just very gentle and sincere."

Cardinal Dolan addressed some of the criticism Tebow has received for being so public with his beliefs.

"The man of faith that he is, he’s used to it," he said. "Because he loves Jesus, Jesus is the most important person in his life and Jesus has told us when you are with Him and when you stand up with Him you can expect to be insulted and harassed. So he’s used to it."

Wonder how he feels about the wildcat and Mark Sanchez.