What coaches are saying about Tebow

Want to know what people around the NFL are saying about the Tim Tebow trade? You've come to the right place.

Tebow was a hot topic at the NFL meetings earlier this week. Here's a sampling of comments from head coaches, who weighed in on Tebow, the wildcat and his trade to the Jets:

Broncos coach John Fox on how Tebow will fare with the Jets: "Only time will tell, but with experience with Tim for one year, I have great respect for his abilities, for what he brings to the table as a competitor. He’s tough, he brings the best out of the guys around him, so no matter what role you put him in, I think he’s proven he’s got the ability to get it done on the field."

Fox on whether he was worried about Tebow staying healthy: "I think Tim’s unique, a well-built 240-pound back, he’s got that ability more than some 200-pound guy. But there’s some big men hitting you on every play and it can takes its toll and it did on a couple of occasions this year. But I don’t think he’s frail by any stretch.’’

Bills coach Chan Gailey on whether preparing for a wildcat package can hamper preparation for an opponents' base offense: "To be honest with you, one of the reasons we have it is we think that there is a definite advantage to that. Because what we say is this: If you've got something that's unusal, the coaches are going to take an hour to sit there and talk about it. And then on the field, they're going to do a 10-minute walk-through on the wildcat. And then in practice, out of their 45 plays, they'll take five on the wildcat. So if you take all that, it's somewhere between five and 15 percent of their time that they have available that they're using on the wildcat. Every snap and every minute they take doing that means they're not working on your base offense."

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on potential problems Tebow poses in his role with the Jets: "Knowing Coach Rex Ryan, and him being a defensive-minded coach, we all have a respect for situational football. Obviously, Tebow has a skill set that levels the playing field in short-yardage and goal-line situations. We are talking about a guy who can run the ball, and can run the ball between the tackles. He is capable of moving piles, but at the same time, (he) is a legitimate quarterback. It really gives their offense a leg up in some of those downs and distances."

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis on whether he sees it as a positive for the Jets: "I do. I said when Tim was drafted that he would be the ideal quarterback to have on your team to do great things with. Now that we have changed the 45-man (gameday) roster to 46, to me, it’s a great fit. I know they missed that when Brad Smith left and went to Buffalo. I know Rex is excited about Tony (Sparano) putting a package in."