Rewind: A look back at the 242nd pick

The Jets own 10 picks in the upcoming draft, including four compensatory selections. We're reviewing the recent draft history for each slot. A rundown of the Jets' selections:

Round 1 -- 16th overall

Round 2 -- 47th

Round 3 -- 77th

Round 5 -- 154th

Round 6 -- 187th, 202nd (comp), 203rd (comp)

Round 7 -- 232nd, 242nd (comp), 244th (comp)

The 242nd pick: The Last 5 Drafts

2011: Malcolm Smith, OLB, Seahawks

2010: Doug Worthington, DT, Steelers

2009: Nick Schommer, DB, Titans

2008: Rob Jackson, DE, Redskins

2007: Keyunta Dawson, DE, Colts

Analysis: Okay, the scouts didn't earn their money with these picks. The player with the most notable career is Dawson, who has appeared in 60 games with the Colts and Lions. Smith and Jackson remain with the Seahawks and Redskins, respectively, so we can't write them off just yet. The key to find gems this low in the draft is identifying players with attributes/characteristics that fit your system. For instance: At 6-foot, 260 pounds, Dawson was deemed a 'tweener by most teams, but he earned a spot with the Colts because, at the time, their scheme allowed undersized linemen as long as they were fast, a la Dwight Freeney. Of course, special-teams ability is critical when evaluating and picking players at the bottom of the draft.