Brick 'taken aback' by Tebow trade

Like a lot of people, Jets LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson was stunned when the team traded for former Broncos QB Tim Tebow.

"I was a little taken back. I was surprised; I didn’t realize that was the direction [we were going in] and that we were going to make that move," Ferguson said Thursday on the NFL Network's "NFL Total Access." "But it’s here now, it’s our reality."

Ferguson expressed his support for incumbent Mark Sanchez, saying "Mark is our guy" and "whatever Tim does will be a nice complement to what Mark has done." But the Pro Bowl lineman admitted he has some questions about the quarterback dynamic.

"We’re all kind of figuring that out," he said. "Definitely, Tim Tebow has had a lot of success in Denver and in college, and he’s bringing that here. We’re going to see how that mix works, that new synergy between quarterbacks."

Ferguson, ever the politician, remained neutral on the "Hard Knocks" issue -- specifically, whether he'd want the team to appear again on the HBO series.

“You never know, but I think there is definitely going to be a lot of attention come training camp whether 'Hard Knocks' is there or not, just because of all of the new pieces that we have," he said. "It should be interesting."

He's got that right.