Rex waffles on Hard Knocks

Although the opportunity to star in the next Hard Knocks franchise has reportedly been offered to the Falcons, Jets coach Rex Ryan responded to questions about internal conversations regarding the HBO training camp documentary by saying it's been discussed informally.

"If we're asked to do it, I'm sure we'll have some candid conversations about it, Ryan said. "Right now, we have no updates."

The Jets boosted their Q rating by hosting the Hard Knocks cameras in Cortland during quarterback Mark Sanchez' second year in 2010. Last season, HBO halted production due to the lockout, so if the Jets were invited again, they'd essentially be doing consecutive shows.

Team owner Woody Johnson is positive about another opportunity, whicle general manager Mike Tannenbaum and Ryan may be more luckwarm. In 2010, the Jets were coming off the AFC Championship game, while the team didn't make the playoffs last year.

The Dallas Cowboys have been featured twice. Usually official announcements about what team is selected take place after the NFL draft.